8 Top Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas 2017

8 Top Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas 2017

8 Top Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas 2017 are a staple of bathroom interior decoration, and your options for how to utilize them are endless. This season is discovering 8 Top Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas 2017 emerge that focus on almost every design style, from minimalist to maximalist. Swipe up for 8 Top Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas 2017 to encourage the next bathroom reconstruction (so that your tile obsession develops, check out these kitchen tile ideas, too).

1. Gone will be the days and nights of Latest Bathroom Tile Trends Movements floors blending in to the background of an area. In 2017 Bathroom Color Trends, you will see the reemergence of patterned tiles, perhaps reflective of the year’s renewed give attention to artisanship and design.

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2. If Bathroom Trends For 2017 may have a shape, it could you need to be honeycomb. Designers are receiving geometric using their tiles, with honeycomb (aka hexagon) designs showing up in tiled floors and wall surfaces. This bathroom from Laurel & Wolf features grey floor tiles with navy edges, which echo the dark blue wall.

3. Patterns colored on Tile Styles aren’t the only path to excite with Bathroom Trends To Avoid. Designers are piecing along intricate designs by using a variety of multi-colored, geometric tiles designed to capture the attention after first look, such as with this bathroom in a Laurel & Wolf home.

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4. Though color will surely be trending this season, so will earthier shades such as chocolates dark brown — a audio option for many who prefer a far more neutral palette. In such a Homepolish home, the ground tiles are a profound brownish that add aspect to the natural space. You can even expect matte surface finishes to contend with glossy this season.

5. When the honeycomb tile development is any evidence, this season will be about atypical tile styles. Rather than the traditional subway tile, this season, long and small tile can look in restrooms as a modern alternative.

6. The fish range trend first surfaced in 2016, but it’s still reigning strong into 2017 with popular bathrooms such as this one from Homepolish. Seafood range tiles add an factor of aspect and give you a softer look for the home-owner who would like to avoid a boxy look.

7. When you’ve sick and tired of horizontal subway tile, the only real destination to go is — up! Vertical tiles can be staggered for an urgent, modern cosmetic that can aesthetically expand an area. This specific bathroom uses differing shades of grey to capture site visitors’ attention.

8. Naturally, 2017 is focused on green. But almost every color is showing up in tiles this season as a shiny, happy bathroom tendency for color-lovers. In this particular bathroom, brilliant green is matched with an increase of subdued natural elements (like the hardwood sink and windowpane) for an equilibrium of colourful and carefree style.