Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

You’re probably scanning this name and thinking very seriously? I thought she was about Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Before And After. Well without a doubt why I decorated my Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Before And After using Annie Sloan cp and just why I’d never repeat. In order I said soon after I started this website I decided to get started on changing things around in my own home. One of the primary changes was my Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Before And After. At that time Annie Sloan chalk coloring was the trend. I used to be reading other blog courses how to coloring kitchen units without sanding or priming. I used to be about the speediest way to coloring my cabinets therefore i went for this.

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I purchased 4 pints of AS car paint in clean white. Really the only prep that I did so on my cabinetry was that I washed them. But I didn’t fine sand before I coated them. After painting 2 jackets on my cabinetry I pointed out that it wasn’t covering great. I applied one or two 2 more jackets, I can’t keep in mind it could have been more. But I know that I was required to order 4 more cans of color. This was needs to get expensive.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Before And After
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Country Grey

Since I used to be using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Before And After And WHEN I thought I will lightly stress my cabinets. I am honest, I must say i didn’t want them distressed in any way. But if you are by using a cp that’s actually the point for chalk colored kitchen units . Why color them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Country Grey if you are not buying a distressed look, right?

Then it was a chance to seal the color. I possibly could have used an engine oil or a drinking water based top cover. I hesitated because years before painting my chalk colored kitchen units I decorated a white dresser for my girl. I covered it with a polyurethane I cannot keep in mind if it was an essential oil or water founded. I believe it was an essential oil founded. Well this changed my white dresser an unsightly yellow. The idea of this going on to my cp kitchen units scared me. THEREFORE I made a decision to use a polish on my kitchen cabinetry . I read many lessons on people painting kitchen cabinetry and by using a wax therefore i thought you will want to. I applied Fiddes furniture polish which I’ve applied to numerous furniture pieces and never possessed a problem. After making use of this polish I began to visit a mustard yellowish color on all the specific regions of my cabinets. At this time I got freaking out! I started out sanding this all down then purchased AS clear polish.

Around three years after painting my units they appeared as if they needed a brand new car paint job. I repainted them but stupidly never completed waxing them. I QUICKLY decided to color them once more and conclude waxing them…and again I didn’t surface finish waxing them.

Can you understand why cp cabinets aren’t the best idea as it pertains to upgrading your kitchen? Painted cupboards are fine, however in my judgment unless you are preparing to heavily stress them and if you don’t coloring them another color rather than white. I’d not suggest chalk decorated cabinets. That is my personal view. If you want chalk painted units do it now. But Personally, i would never ever before repeat. I wasted a lot of money and time. And in the long run my cabinetry didn’t stay nice. They viewed dingy and soiled and didn’t clean well in any way if I had a need to scrub them. I really like the primer and color that I applied to my cabinets. They may have a lovely sheen and they’re supporting well to scrubbing.